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Three extra special bath bombs, why you ask? Because of whats in them!! These three have hidden surprises and we are cant wait for you to see them. 




Honey Honey - sweet honeycomb, sugared toffee and caramel a popular honey i washed the kids lush dupe. This bomb has hidden shea butter chunks to give a extra luxurious bath.


Trick or Treat - sweet saltwater taffy and bubble gum, This bomb has hidden toys and halloween treats for your kiddos to enjoy. 


Mirror Mirror -  our popular green tea lemonade scent. Ask the mirror whos the farest of them all, you know the anwser and this bomb will reveal it all. 



How to Use: Remove packaging, drop the bath bomb in a hot bath and sit back and watch the show.  Depending on product it will fizz or foam around your tub. Now some may sink or some may float just like some days are bone days and some are no bone days. For best bath art it is reccomended you hold the bomb if you choose to do this the colour may stain your skin slightly, this can be removed with a gentle scrub using your favourite soap. 


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cream Of Tartar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Witch Hazel, Water, Mica & Fragrance Oil


External Use Only, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately and consult with a physician.

Lux Bombs

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