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We want to be your one stop shop for all things craft related, meaning finished projects or all the tools to make it yourself.  

Running a small business or fueling your craft addiction is not easy when the materials you need so much are not readily available. We want to bring you quality ready to go blanks, vinyl and other crafting materials that you can rely on. From one crafter to another we know you want the best deal possible and Ivory Craft Co. is prepared to do it. 

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Choosing the right vinyl for your crafting project can be tricky, which is why we sourced all our favourites to bring you the variety you need. We cut our vinyl in 12x24 / 12x20 / 12x15 inch sheets as well as 10/20 ft rolls to give you the most bang for your buck, but also creating more opportunity for maximizing your usage.  We will be constantly adding new vinyls each week and are always open to special orders , swatches are available by special request.