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Our crafting journey really begins when I was a little babe. I am so fortunate to have grown up with so many strong, passionate, hardworking and creative minds. So naturally crafting was a norm in my life. With so many unique personalities came many different hobbies/crafts and I found myself completely submerged in all of them. Even in my adulthood I find such comfort in the crafts I learned as a child. I love to create, always have always will, and so it only made sense I start my own small business.


Ivory Craft Co started officially April 2020 thanks to a lovely group of "Wine Ninjas". During the first wave lockdown, a trendy facebook group was booming. The group consisted of Niagara based women supporting each other by leaving a surprise gift that included wine on one others porch. When I dropped off my first ninja I wanted to put my own flare on the gift, so I created a "Wine Ninja" inspired wine glass to go with my surprise. Little did I know how much interest would come from the creator posting the photo of my design. When I finally revealed myself my inbox was instantly filled. At this point I had only been selling to friends and family here and there but with so many requests to purchase I decided to open up my ordering and within 2 weeks I had sold over 175 Ninja glasses and an overwhelming want for customizations, so I took it to the next level and  Ivory Craft Co. was born. Thank you to all those Ninjas for giving me the push I needed to pursue my dream.

One of my favorite things to do in the world is make someone smile. I personally think of this as the most rewarding type of payment. Knowing you made someone's day by thinking of them and going that extra step to remind them that you care is the exact reason I craft. Customizations allow me to dive into someones personality, find out what they love and bring it to life like never before. This small business is more than just a way to earn extra money it's my greatest hobby, my biggest passion and a piece of my heart.  I can't wait to work with you, and look forward to bringing your ideas to life!

- Ivy Haist 


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Untitled design (13).png
Untitled design (13).png
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